Manufacturing Process

Raw Materials :
Raw Material for manufacturing of Pipes & Tubes are sourced only from approved vendors. The quality requirements for raw materials are governed by technical parameters by quality assurance department and relevant technical specifications.

Welded Pipes and tubes

Inox Pipes & Fittings Industries have a facilities of TIG welded tube with bead rolling as per the clients requirements.

Stainless steel tubes find application into critical and corrosive environment as such the qualities of tubes are maintained with precise tolerance as per the required national and international standards.

Large Diameter Welded Pipes

Stainless steel pipes (Welded) is formed on 1000 M.T. hydraulic press in length up to 6.0 to 7.0 meters. This section produces S.S. pipes (Welded) as per ASTM A 358 by TIG welding and filler materials is used. The large diameter pipes is then sized & straightened, using 150 M.T. capacity hydraulic press to meet dimensional requirements of the applicable specifications. Tests are done according to specifications & additional quality checks by either Xray or Hydrostatic method.


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